Friday, September 28, 2012

D.I.Y. Wednesday

OK, so I know it's not Wednesday, but I wanted to introduce you to 'D.I.Y Wednesday', because it will be real starting next week, and I'm too excited about this project to wait til then! But first, What is D.I.Y Wednesday, I hear you ask? It's the day to share my D.I.Y jobs; making, creating, etc, etc.. Why Wednesday? Well, I figure I'll do a lot of my projects on Saturdays, then on Sundays I'll need to rest my aching body, on Mondays I'll most likely be thinking "Heck, what have I gotten myself into?", on Tuesdays I'll have to fix the terrible job I did on Saturday, and then on Wednesdays I'll be here to post cool pics and tell you all about my fab new creation. Why do I want to do this?  Well, I like goals. I like making goals and then completing them. Long term goals bore me, but short term D.I.Y goals excite me :)  And a public blog is a pretty motivating forum for me to get my butt in gear and actually DO them. 

Speaking of motivation, check this out (*drumroll please..*): 
Yuck, right? It's a hand-me-down from my parents, and it was actually second hand when they bought it about 24 years ago. Not old enough to be antique, not cute enough to be vintage, but not gross enough to throw away... Needless to say, I was quite relieved when the drawers began breaking and it got to the point where my daughters could no longer use it for their clothes. But having said this, its bones are good and it's still standing strong. It's got straight lines and I believe has the potential to become something display-worthy. And that is why this old beat up chest of drawers (without the drawers) will be my first official online D.I.Y Wednesday project!  
I want to turn it into a piece I can use. At the moment it has a bunch of kids' books and papers in one drawer and a collection of cards and puzzles in the other. It sits under my kitchen bench where no one can see it unless they turn and look, and it's in the 'kids corner', where I hoped it would blend in with the rest of the mess there.  But my plan is to cover in its base with wood and put square baskets (maybe 2, maybe 4) as pull-out storage underneath the drawers. With a coat of paint and some new handles I think it will look great. I might also add some short block legs just to give it a little more character. Are ya feelin' me?  Am I making any sense? Can you imagine it? 'Cause I can. It will sit somewhere... maybe a hallway, maybe against a wall or couch in my family room, and it will be useful again.

Still lots to decide on... what color, what handles, brush or spray paint? But hey, I'm up for it. I need ideas. Do you have any advice? What color/colors should I paint it??? There are so many to choose! Do I want to go interesting and unique, or a color that will blend and easily match anything? These questions will be asked and answered next Wednesday. Til then please feel free to comment! 
xx Rani

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