Friday, September 28, 2012

What a 'Good Idea!'

I admit it, I am addicted to Pinterest. :) Not in a "I have to look at it every day or I'll just die" kind of way, but I can honestly say that my life has changed because of it and I do love it. I am creating more, thinking more, imagining more, and hence being more because of it. By this I mean that I am seeing so many ideas and things I had never thought of or seen before, and it's making me branch out of my own little square mind and see the world as the creative gift-box that it is.

So many ideas to get, so many projects to do, so many beautiful things to see.

I have a big variety of boards and one of them is the "Good Idea!" board. You can guess what is on it.. (ideas!), and I am happy to report I've actually followed through with applying some of them. I can honestly say my life is slightly less stressful, and slightly better because of each idea. And this is one of them:

Medicine Drawers. I don't know about you, but for years our family's medicine 'cabinet' consisted of two square clear plastic containers that sat above our fridge. It was filled with everything from eye drops and panadol, to nappy rash cream and birth-control pills. It had leaked cough syrup in the bottom, zinc cream smeared on the side, countless flat-batteried digital thermometers, and more loose bandaids than we actually in the bandaid box... Sound familiar? 

Well, I decided to bring this "Good Idea!" to life. And along came:

They sit in my laundry cupboard, and I haven't looked back. This past winter has been a whirlwind of sickness after sickness for our poor little family. Sometimes there seemed to be more medicine on the kitchen counter than in the boxes. Well, I was sick of stretching up to the top of the fridge day after day, and went out and got myself these babies. The hardest part was deciding what to label all the drawers. It sounds easy, but it got quite complicated. Depending on what you labeled them, one draw might only have three things in it while the other drawers had too many things. So getting the right balance was an important and thought-provoking process. 

To be completely honest, I love it so much, but sometimes I get a little confused at where I put things! The other day I needed Bonjela for my baby Anabel's teeth. So I went to 'Digestive & Face' because it was in her mouth. But then I found it in 'Creams & Ointments' because it was in a tube... Argh, even now I'm confused over where it should be... Because it actually could also work under 'Pain Relief', right?? What to do?? If you have better ideas for how to categorize my fabulous medicine drawers, please share!! But beware, it sounds easy... but you might be surprised...!! (At least, I hope you will.. or else I'll feel pretty dumb... :-/ ) ... How is your medicine box? Could you use this 'Good Idea' in your life?
x Rani

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