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I'm Rani Montes. (I know, it's a tough one) That's pronounced "Rah-nee Mon-tess" :-/ Indian first name, Spanish last name, exotic right? Sorry to disappoint.. I'm just a freckle-faced brunette from OZ.  But I'm a happy one :) 

I'm "Muuum!" to three beautiful little brats girls (5, 3 & 1), "Baaabe!" to a Latino hunk of a husband, and in my spare time I hope to entertain your little socks off with my projects, ideas, and basic ramblings. :)

More? Ok, I enjoy the simple things in life; sitting on the beach, sleeping in (probably because I haven't done it in five years), going for a jog, walking through nature, travelling...  decorating my house, playing the piano, laughing with friends & entertaining my kids (usually at the same time)... trying new recipes, being a wife, going to church, learning new languages, big family dinners, writing (hence the blog), creating stuff, and so much more. You will notice I said nothing about cleaning my house, cooking every single day, or shaving my legs... that's because I really don't like those things.

I also have a family blog that I update regularly if you would like to see what I do when I'm not grandstanding on this cyber stage :) www.thefamilymontes.blogspot.com

I hope you enjoy reading this blog as much as I enjoy writing it :)

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